Black Seed Oil Bundle


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Each bundle contains one of each item listed below.

Black Seed Oil Absorb-Max TQ

Black Seed-plus capsules - 90 count

Oil of Black Seed - 8 fl oz

Product Description

North American Herb & Spice (NAHS) is the world leader in producing the highest quality black seed oil supplements available. This black seed and the cold-pressed oil are the most potent, aromatic complexes known, 100% remote Mediterranean source. Concerning the taste and efficacy, there is no comparison. NAHS’s black seed supplements are dense, natural sources of the all-important nutrients which are key for supporting overall cardiovascular health: thymoquinone, carvacrol, and plant sterols. * Thymoquinone accounts for the great potency of black seed for supporting overall heart, arterial, lung, kidney, and digestive health, as well as supporting the health of the immune system.

We’ve created this special bundle of Black Seed Oil products from NAHS to introduce you to the power of Black Seed Oil and the various products available from NAHS. Each bundle contains one of each item listed below:

Black Seed Oil Absorb-Max TQ
Sublingual Mycelized Black Seed Oil drops deliver maximum absorption of key active ingredients, including thymoquinone. With its superior taste from raw, organic yacon, it can be taken by children and is an excellent prebiotic from the black seed and the yacon. Ideal for supporting immune, digestive,
and cardiac health.

Black Seed-Plus – 90 Caps
This is NAHS’s original, pulverized black seed plus brown cumin seed and red sour grape formula, a powerhouse for supporting a healthy, overall cardiovascular response and also a healthy digestive and lung response. A true digestive support supplement, it is delicious when added to any food,
as well as smoothies. This is the ideal way to gain the full benefit of the seed and more.

Oil of Black Seed – 8 OZ
New from NAHS, this is pure, whole food, premium-grade, Mediterranean (Turkish)-source, cold-pressed 100% black seed oil, without any other components.



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