Chag-o-Power – 2 FL. OZ. emulsified wild chaga


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Chag-o-Power – 2 FL. OZ. emulsified wild chaga

Raw Chag-o-Power is the potency of wild chaga mushroom in a special emulsion. This is the only wild, raw chaga mushroom emulsion available, the same as the one which is advertised. Chaga mushroom is the most powerful of all medicinal mushrooms. This is a unique mushroom that grows on birch trees. It is a top source of dozens of nutrients, incuding B complex, minerals, plant sterols, and the all-important antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD). The SOD content of chaga is considerable, and it is the best known source with up to 30% SOD by weight. Normally, SOD and the plant sterols are difficult to absorb. With Chag-o-Power the absorption is ideal, since it is emulsified. For the potency that only chaga mushroom provides take Chag-o-Power as drops under the tongue. Also, apply it to the skin. Chag-o-Power is packed with the vast nutrition of wild nature. Plus, this is a raw supplement, which means that all the nutrients and particularly the delicate enzymes are intact. Keep in mind that raw chaga has unique properties not found in the heat-treated kind. Plus, this is wild, raw Siberian plus Canadian chaga from highly remote sources. Studies have shown that Canadian chaga is more powerful than even the Siberian type. ☻ this is an emulsion of wild, raw chaga, which means the key substances are easy to absorb ☻ unlike other chaga drops, Chag-o-Power is raw, which means the enzymes are intact ☻ wild chaga is the world’s top source of superoxide dismutase; this chaga raw material scored some 2300 per gram in capturing superoxide radicals (tests done at Brunswick Labs) ☻ convenient to use as drops under the tongue; take 20 or more drops daily ☻ a natural, wild source of beta glucan, B complex, minerals, and healthy, potent sterols

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