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About American Wild Foods

What you should expect from American Wild Foods

You never have to worry about what you eat again. American Wild Foods has screened it all, nothing GMO, nothing cloned—nothing corrupt. Pesticide and toxin screening is also done. It is all pure and natural. Our standards are strict.

They ensure that all the foods on this site are:

• non-GMO
• non-irradiated
• synthetic additive free
• non-cloned
• corn-free
• soy-free
• free of white flour and rice
• grass fed/antibiotic free animal products
• metal free seafood
• pesticide free
• free of all rancid oils
• free of all refined sugars

Plus, many of the foods and beverages are truly wild and organic. Many are entirely raw, which preserve the enzymes. Special care is taken so that you can eat healthy every time. Now you get the healthiest foods from all over the world.

Every food is carefully selected to be sure it is free of poisons. This is far safer than any grocery store. You have guaranteed healthy whole foods on this site.

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