Ashadrene – 60 caps (500 mg)

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Certified organic Ashwagandha extract fortified with royal jelly

Ashadrene is the only certified organic ashwagandha root extract available. Potent to the extreme, it provides powerful support for healthy adrenal gland function, while also combating stress. Fortified with triple strength, undiluted royal jelly, it’s ideal for supporting the natural coping mechanism. The main arena of ashwagandha’s actions is to boost energy and a healthy anti-stress response. Both ashwagandha and royal jelly are rich in biologically active sterols, the root resin containing anolides, which support a healthy antiinflamatory response, while also blocking excessive blood vessel formation, known as an anti-angiogenesis response. Plus, Ashadrene is certified organic and it is a concentrated resin extract, not just ground up roots. The steroids and other ingredients in Ashadrene are in the whole food form, which means they are highly bioavailable. That’s why it’s so potent for a healthy coping response. Plus, the steroids and B vitamins in royal jelly act synergistically with the ashwagandha extract. Take Ashadrene to support overall cell energy, stamina, and physical strength. That’s the power of healthy adrenal gland support. Available as 500 mg gelcaps and sublingual drops. Ideally, take with other Aryuvedic complexes such as TurmericPLUS.

  • certified organic ashwagandha root extract
  • unadulterated
  • fortified with 3 X raw royal jelly powder
  • powerful support for a natural energy response
  • supports hormone balance
  • nourishes the adrenal glands
  • great for a healthy fatigue response and stress adaptation
  • potent source of natural steroids knows as withanolides
  • supports overall cellular energy in the body
  • mood boosting
  • our ashwagandha 8X more potent than raw powder alone
  • part of the adaptogenic herb family
  • both calming and energizing for lasting stamina and endurance
  • our ashwagandha is kosher
  • our ashwagandha is water soluble and water extracted for maximum absorption

More about adaptogens: Of the 1000s of healing plants, only a handful have earned a very special place within traditional healing modalities – the adaptogens. They are believed to act as body-system modulators, and promoters of homeostasis (fancy word for biological balance). Rather than taken to treat symptoms, adaptogens are taken daily to fortify the body’s own adaptive resilience to stressors.


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