Wild Oregano Oil Bundle

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Each bundle contains one of each item listed below.

Oreganol P73 Juice – 12 FL. OZ.

OregaMax – 90 capsules

Oreganol P73 Oil

Oreganol P73 is the true wild oregano oil P73, a blend of edible species of wild oregano grown on natural, mineral-rich soil.

1 FL. OZ.


Oreganol P73 is the most potent herbal extract known, made exclusively from mountain-grown, wild oregano. All of oregano’s most impressive powers are concentrated in the oil. The oregano used in Oreganol P73 grows wild in the Mediterranean mountains directly on rocks rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus at altitudes as high as 12,000 feet above sea level. It is handpicked and steam distilled to ensure the highest quality and purity possible. Emulsified in extra virgin olive oil it is highly versatile. Oreganol P73 is the ideal choice for better health, and is available in other powerful formulas which also have great utility. These formulas include SinuOrega, OregaMax, OregaResp, H2Orega, OregaSpray, Germ-a-Clenz and the brand new OregaFresh and OregaCare dental care products. Oreganol P73 is the original wild formula, do not accept cheap imitations made with Spanish thyme or GMOs.

We have developed this special bundle to introduce you to the power of Oreganol and our best selling oil of oregano products. Each bundle contains one of each item listed below:

Oreganol P73 – 1 FL. OZ.
This is the true wild oregano oil P73, a blend of edible species of wild oregano grown on natural mineral rich soils. This growing condition along with our dedication to a chemical and alcohol free extraction is the reason P73 Oreganol oil has a unique chemical profile, which is ideal for human consumption. This same oregano species can be grown elsewhere and not have the same effect of the P73, it is truly one of a kind. Oreganol P73 can be used either internally or topically.

Oreganol P73 Juice – 12 FL. OZ.
Oreganol P73 Juice is a highly aromatic essence made from wild oregano growing in the high elevations of Mediterranean mountains, up to 12,000 feet above sea level. This plant concentrates oxygen from the mountain air in its leaves. The unique steam distillation process used to make this formula creates an oxygen rich water soluble tonic very different from the oil. Oreganol juice can be taken alone or with juice or water. Take 1 or more ounces per day for maximum benefit. A fat soluble wild extract, which means it gets into the key regions.

OregaMax – 90 capsules
OregaMax, the original wild oregano formula, supports natural mineral intake and more. Unlike commercial oregano, OregaMax is undiluted. This is the crude herb of wild, high mountain oregano in combination with Rhus Coriaria, organic garlic powder, and organic onion powder. It is the most potent wild oregano whole herb available. Take two or more capsules daily. For young children or pets open capsules and mix with food or drink. Great to use in combination with the Oreganol P73 oil.


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