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PureOmega provides the ideal omega fatty acid balance. PureOmegaª has on average a blend of 50% omega-3, 35% omega-6, and 9% omega-9 content. It is also a great source of naturally occurring vitamin E. This unique vegan-friendly blend of omega fatty acids is derived from the fresh raw Peruvian sacha inchi oil, the richest vegetable source of essential fatty acids, along with wild rosemary oil. Because it is remote-source and organic it is free of heavy metal contaminants and other toxins. For healthy skin and more ideally take every day. Great on salads. Use also the Budwig method for health improvement by pouring this organic plant omega-3 complex over cottage cheese; this is delicious. It has a smooth taste; no other omega-3 supplement compares.

  • unlike flaxseed oil contains no goitrogens
  • since it has its own antioxidants it is stable, even without refrigeration
  • is more readily digested by human enzymes than flaxseed oil
  • contains its own amino acids, beta carotene, and vitamin E
  • is an exceedingly unusual and dense source of plant omega-3s, containing the minimum need, 1600 mg, of alpha-linolenic acid and other omega-3s in a mere teaspoon
  • organic and remote-source; free of all pesticide, herbicide, and heavy metal residues

An ideal food for people suffering from chronic disorders (see the work of Johanna Budwig).

Ingredients: only pure organic Peruvian sacha inchi oil plus wild rosemary oil

Nutrients: alpha linolenic acid, linolenic acid, vitamin E, amino acids, beta carotene

RECIPE: Special Extra-Healthy Full-Fat Cottage Cheese with Sacha Inchi Oil

  • two scoops full-fat organic cottage cheese
  • 1 or 2 T. PureOmega sacha inchi oil
  • chopped chives or fresh parsley

In a bowl or on a plate place scoops of cottage cheese; pour over sacha inchi oil and sprinkle on chives/parsley.

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