OregaWell – North American Herb & Spice

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Immune support for children

60 softgels (140 mg)


Kid•e•Kare OregaWell softgels for kids combine the powers of Oreganol P73 with wild, high-mountain cumin, sage, ginger, and cinnamon. Proper nourishment is vital to a child’s growth and development. OregaWell is a wonderful source of natural phenols, minerals, and vital nutrients.

Totally pure edible herb and spice oils. BSE-free beef gelatin capsules, non-GMO

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, Wild oregano oil (P73), Wild cumin oil, Wild sage oil, Ginger oil, Cinnamon oil

Directions: One capsule daily with meals. Increase dosage as needed.

60 softgels (140 mg)


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