Oreganol P73 Juice, Flavonoid-enhanced Pomegranate & Grape – 12 FL. OZ.

$24.99 $21.24

Flavonoid-enhanced Oreganol P73 Juice is a highly aromatic essence made from wild oregano growing in the high elevations of Mediterranean mountains, with real pomegranate and grape.


Oreganol P73 Juice, Flavonoid-enhanced Pomegranate & Grape

Wild Oreganol P73 Juice is the aromatic essence of wild oregano. Naturally produced from wild, mountain-grown oregano, this oxygen-rich hydrosol formula from past centuries supports overall health. Made with water from deep spring aquifers, Oreganol P73 Juice is free of all chemical solvents and additives. It’s combined with real pomegranate syrup and muscadine grape extracts for a delightful taste and added health benefits such as cardiovascular, kidney, and digestive support.*

Directions: Take at least one T. daily on an empty stomach in juice or as a tea. Daily use is highly beneficial.

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