Collagen Power-Plus – North American Herb and Spice

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90 gelcaps


Collagen Power-Plus is the most potent hydrolyzed collagen supplement known. This is 100% non-feed-lot bovine-collagen, predigested through a special enzymatic process. Beware of cheap imitations made from GMO-tainted feed lot sources.

Collagen Power-Plus is unique, because the collagen is enhanced through the addition of the powerful protein-digested enzymes, bromelain and papain, which are also potent agents for enhancing blood flow to the joints as well as to support a healthy inflamation response.

It is fortified with a wild, raw mineral source, silajit, from the Himalayan mountains. A fulvic acid-rich complex silajit acts synergistically with collagen to maximize its potency. Wild camu camu is also added which greatly enhances a healthy collagen response. For supporting a healthy inflammatory response rosemary and ginger are added.

The formula also contains MCHC, microcycrystalline hydroxy apatite, from the optimal source, New Zealand raw bone, which supports a healthy collagen response and also a healthy bone health and bone density response. That’s why Collagen Power-Plus is unique—the most complete, synergistic, and potent collagen formula available.

Silajit enhances the bovine collagen by providing rare trace minerals plus fulvic acid needed for joint health support and for supporting a healthy inflammation response. Spice extracts are also added to synergize collagen, aiding in its joint- and inflammation response-supporting powers.

Collagen is the material that holds our bodies together. It’s essential for life itself.

By the mid-twenties, the body begins losing its ability to repair connective tissue, including bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, hair and nails. Even the red blood cells and nerve cells have connective tissue, which needs replenishing. As well, there is a significant loss in synovial fluids, needed to lubricate the joints. the joint lining breaks down, which is disastrous and may lead to joint replacement. Because of its rich amount of amino acids collagen helps repair the body’s connective tissue framework. That framework is responsible for a person’s physical appearance as well as the efficiency in
function of the joints, muscles, skin, and blood cells. It promotes beauty, too. The amino acids in collagen, alanine, glycine, and proline, are crucial for building and rebuilding all skin cells. If the skin is aging and sagging, its lost its collagen framework.

These amino acids are rarely found in any other food. That’s why Collagen Power Plus is an essential supplement for the maintenance of over all health.

90 gelcaps


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