Wild Raw Ginger Juice 8 fl oz

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Wild Raw Ginger Juice 8 fl oz

Wild Raw Ginger Juice 8 fl oz is the most potent kind of raw, wild ginger available. This is North American ginger, which is a native medicinal plant found only in the most wild, remote regions. Used by the Native Americans for centuries this is highly potent. Both the leaves and the crawling roots are used in this extract. Native raw, wild ginger is a top source of natural polyphenols as well as unique substances known as hydroperoxides. These are powerful enzymes, and with American Wild Food’s Wild, Raw Ginger Juice all the enzymes and peroxides are intact. Hydroperoxides are powerful antioxidants, which function to protect human cells. This ginger extract is gently sweetened with raw honey and raw Peruvian goldenberry extract, both of which contain enzymes. This extract mixes well with any vegetable juice or tomato juice and also citrus juice. It’s powerful, so small amounts are beneficial. For cleansing and more take this potent natural extract, and feel the difference

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