Wild Birch Tree Syrup 4 fl oz

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This is highly rare syrup, which must be truly savored. Only a few gallons of this precious liquor are made yearly. It takes one hundred gallons of this tree extract to make a mere gallon of syrup. So, this truly is a rare treat. What makes this unique compared to maple syrup, besides its rarity, is the nature of its sugars. While maple syrup is mostly sucrose, which requires extra digestion, Wild Birch Tree Syrup is mainly fructose and also glucose fruit sugars that require no digestion. These are the most suitable types of sugar for those sensitive to sweets. Of note, of all sugars fructose has the lowest glycemic index. Thus, in modest quantities anyone can benefit from Wild Birch Tree Syrup. Our American Wild Foods syrup is cinnamon- and clove-enhanced, so this makes it even easier to digest, plus it enlivens the taste greatly. Plus, this syrup is nutritionally dense, containing significant amounts of potassium, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B1, selenium, magnesium, and calcium. A mere 2 tablespoons supplies 104 mg of calcium or 8% of the daily need, along with 6% of the magnesium, 6% of the zinc, 69% of the selenium, and a whopping 81% of the manganese. This concentrate is made through a natural process, which merely evaporates the water. Enjoy Wild Birch Tree Syrup on any dessert. Use as a glaze for seafood, fish, chops, and steaks. Add to marinades; use as a dip for fatty cheese or mix with butter and use in cooking: there is nothing more wild and delicious. This is the blood of the powerful and wondrous wild birch tree. No wonder it is so potent.

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