Sooth-EEZ wild, raw throat spray – 2 OZ. (60 ML.), pin cherry version

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Sooth-EEZ wild, raw throat spray – 2 OZ. (60 ML.), pin cherry version

This is the most potent throat spray available. A true wild, raw spray it contains the highly rare wild pin cherry extract, along with wild chokecherry extract, wild, raw honey, and oils of wild sage and oregano, along with cinnamon oil. It also contains the bark extract of wild pin cherry, long used in Native American medicine. Spray Sooth-EEZ on the back of the throat or throughout the mouth whenever you need it. A spray or two usually does it. Feel that soothing relief immediately through the powers of this wild, raw formula. Available only in a limited supply.

☻ contains two original ingredients, wild, raw pin cherries and pin cherry bark, used by Native Americans against cough, colds, throat conditions, and other respiratory complaints
☻ fortified with enzyme-rich wild, raw honey
☻ contains the highly potent spice extract oil of wild high-mountain sage
☻ also fortified with wild oil of oregano in a highly biologically active form
☻ a pleasant-tasting throat spray, highly concentrated; one or two sprays is usually sufficient

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