Rosey-Rich Tea – 3.2 OZ.

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Rosey-Rich Tea – 3.2 OZ.

What could be richer and more healthy than real rose hip tea? Rosey-Rich tea is made from true remote-source rose hips, where the hips are challenged by the harshness of nature. This makes the hips a denser source of nutrients, including vitamin C and flavonoids. This is the whole, raw rose hip, completely unprocessed. ORAC testing on Rosey-Rich proves that it is powerful and is a potent free radical scavenger. The ORAC potency is over 100,000 per three ounces. Plus, each heaping teaspoonful contains natural vitamin C. Note the European research on the power of this whole food for joint health. Get the power of nature either as a raw beverage or an enlivening hot tea.

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