Raw, Wild Rubinol – 2 FL. OZ.

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Raw, Wild Rubinol – 2 FL. OZ.

There can be nothing more rare and potent than Rubinol. This is the complete extract of the rare and difficult to find wild black raspberry. With Rubinol both the fruit and the seed are extracted using only natural spice oils. Plus, it is completely raw, so the enzymes are intact. Read about the power of wild black raspberries. You will be amazed at the discoveries. For instance, much work has been done at Ohio State University by Gary Stoner. To have wild, handpicked black raspberry fully extracted and raw is unique to American Wild Foods. ☻ a true wild, raw whole food berry extract, including an extract of the seeds ☻ rich in cyanidin-3-rutinoside and cyanidin-3-galactoside ☻ a top natural source of ellagic acid ☻ ORAC level by independent tests is 40 per gram ☻ a raw, wild extract to be taken as drops under the tongue Ingredients raw, wild remote-source black raspberry extract, multiple spice complex

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