Raw Micro-Pulverized Wild Chaga-6 OZ (170g)


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Raw Micro-Pulverized Wild Chaga-6 OZ (170g)

This is a special blend of North American wild chaga. An excellent tea or smoothie mix. Wild chaga is a dense source of super-nutrients, including SOD, germanium, cesium, rubidium, pantothenic acid, beta glucan, and plant sterols. It is also the world’s top source of SOD and melanin. Micropulverization is essential for release of the micronutrients in the wild food. There is nothing more nutritious and powerful than wild chaga. We use only the purest, highest quality ingredients in our chaga products. Our conservation efforts of this wonderful natural resource are bar none in the industry. Our chaga is from the wild and actually grows on trees. Our chaga was not manufactured in a lab. See the benefits of nature with American Wild Foods chaga products.

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