Herbal Zzz’s wild root and berry extract – 2 OZ.

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Herbal Zzz’s wild root and berry extract

There is nothing more effective in the realm of rest, in getting your Zzzs, than wild roots and berries. Made from wild, raw mulberries, chokecherries, thimbleberries, and thimbleberry root extract this is the real power of nature: the power of wild-source melatonin, dark flavonoids, and trace minerals. All these berries and roots are top sources of the all-important melatonin, a hormone essential for human health. Be at peace with Herbal Zzzs.

☻ a most unique complex of root extracts and wild berries, which contain naturally occurring melatonin and similar hormones needed for Zzzs
☻ all completely hand-harvested and extracted without alcohol
☻ taken as sublingual drops right at bedtime
☻ may be taken during the day to fight stress
☻ 100% raw and wild Ingredients wild, raw remote-source thimbleberries and root extract, wild, raw remote-source chokecherry extract, wild, raw remote-source mulberry extract

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