Forever New Fabric Care Wash 32 oz.


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Forever New Fabric Care Wash 32 oz.

Forever New  Fabric Care Wash

How was Forever New Laundry Care Wash selected to be one of AWF’s fine product selections? First of all know that dry cleaning chemicals are extremely toxic. Thus, Forever New is the best non-toxic, gentle laundry product for most fine clothing, fabrics, and elasticized garments. (Have had a few exceptions that REALLY were dry clean only as the label indicated, and the piece ended up looking a bit strange.) Usually, if the label says don’t put the garment in water, you can probably believe it.

With Forever New every garment stays looking just like new and beautifully fresh smelling. The life of most garments are greatly extended.

Front load washers are generally easier on finer fabrics, and Forever New is compatible with both types of washers and also for hand washing.

During an extended stay in the English countryside sweaters (or jumpers as they are known in England) were a necessity for the cold and damp weather. While washing the soiled sweaters in cold water with English detergent in a German front load washer, many of them started as size men’s extra-large and ended up as girl’s petite. Most had been washed many times before with no problem. After much research on this mysterious happening, it was discovered that on the English package which proclaimed the detergent was for use on fine clothing, there was an additional microscopic warning not to use on woolens. Most English washing powders hide this important little notice somewhere on the package but don’t seem to want it to be readily found. This is probably due to the fact that English wardrobes are typically woolens.

Forever New to the rescue…..used on the poor sweaters looking like so much shrunken junk, some were actually salvaged by washing with Forever New, plus stretching and blocking. The remainder went to petite girls who love cashmere sweaters, which had become little felted jackets.

Forever New saves a lot of tears and trouble. Fine fabrics and elasticized garments smell wonderful and look beautiful year after year. No surprises and no worries.

To find out how to use Forever New Fabric Care Wash CLICK HERE


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