Foods That Cure


Medicines in the supermarket instead of the drug store?

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Foods That Cure

by Dr. Cass Ingram

Formerly titled Supermarket Remedies

Medicines in the supermarket instead of the drug store?

Start your search for preventing or curing illness in the supermarket. Dr. Ingram’s Foods That Cure helps you discover foods which fight everyday ailments, stop pain, and save you money, for instance:

  • Fatigue: a tasty condiment which gives an energy boost—immediately
  • Colds and flu: a spice that eliminates cold/flu symptoms faster than antihistamines
  • High cholesterol: a luscious fruit which lowers cholesterol rapidly, even though it is high in healthy fat
  • Upset stomach: a common spice that stops stomach pain quickly and completely
  • Yeast/fungus: a Mediterranean herb which kills yeasts and fungi of all types
  • Insomnia: a nut which gives you energy during the day but helps you sleep
    soundly at night
  • Arthritis/backache: a tasty fruit which combats joint pain
  • Cuts/abrasions: an herb that prevents wound infection better than topical antibiotics
  • Infections: a sweet condiment which reverses infections on the skin and in the body
  • Nervousness: snacks which calm your nerves immediately
  • Visual loss: a tasty fruit which regenerates the eyes
  • Sinus problems: an aromatic spice which wipes out sinus infections

Includes special section describing the Top 12 Diseases and their Supermarket Remedies: if you have arthritis, asthma, heart disease, cancer, anemia, colitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and numerous other illnesses, find out the correct foods to eat that will reverse these conditions.


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