Car-o-Power Wild Carob Molasses – 12 FL. OZ.

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Car-o-Power Wild Carob Molasses – 12 FL. OZ.

Car-o-Power is the only 100% natural and mountain-grown wild Mediterranean-source carob pod concentrate available. All other sources derive from commercial carob pods. This is the original carob pod concentrate, made by old fashioned methods used for centuries. Notice the exceptional taste and aroma of this Car-o-Power. Carob is rich in flavonoids, which naturally support the health of the body. Carob concentrate is richer by weight in antioxidants than even pomegranate, red grape, and green tea. ORAC level is 53,900 in water soluble factors.

  • a truly wild, remote-source food
  • likely the original manna of the Bible and surely the sweet food of St. John (locust and honey means the locust bean tree, the carob tree, not the actual insect)
  • a rich source of malt-like sugars, which help nourish and feed the lower intestines
  • has a natural & healthy ‘laxative’ action on the colon
  • the best chocolate replacement with nearly as high an ORAC at some 800 units per tablespoon
  • Ingredients wild carob molasses and natural aromatic oils

RECIPE: Vegetarian Wild Carob Nut Milk

  • 3 T. Car-o-Power
  • handful blanched almonds
  • a few Brazil nuts
  • 8-12 ounces cold water
  • 1/2 teaspoon sunflowerseed lecithin (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon Purely-B natural B complex (optional but highly suggested)

In a blender add all ingredients; blend until creamy. Drink either hot or cold. Note: for an even richer taste add an ounce or two of organic whole milk.

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