BaoMax capsules 90 count

$44.99 $34.99


BaoMax capsules contain the immense power of the tropical super-fruits wild baobab and organic cocona from the Amazon. The wild baobab tree is known as the “Tree of Life,” and its nutrient-dense fruit is life sustaining. BaoMax has the power of trapped tropical sunlight, wild calcium, wild vitamin C, and wild B vitamins from the nutrient-dense baobab and cocona fruit. BaoMax capsules are the perfect way to get the immense power of the tropical fruit wild baobab and organic cocona. Immensely powerful, baobab has great historical use by African tribes. Cocona has also been extensively used by the people of the Amazon. Highly cleansing, as well as soothing, take this tropical fruit complex daily. It’s rare, nutritious, and wild. Now available in capsules.

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