Ancient Olive Soap-3 bars

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Ancient Olive Soap is perhaps the oldest and purest soap in the world. From ancient origins: The earliest recipe for this soap dates to 2400 B.C., with locals hand making it in caves in the Aleppo region of Syria, since at least the middle ages. Always natural: This soap is made of 100% olive oil and laurel oil. Olive oil is renowned for its skin-nourishing, wrinkle-fighting vitamins A & E. Laurel offers antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Crafted by hand:Local villagers harvest the olives and laurel berries which grow wild in the forests of norther Syria and southeastern Turkey. They then press and boil them. This soft mixture is set in cave-like storage areas to dry for 6 to 9 months until it hardens into a naturally green soap that develops a golden outer skin as it ages.


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